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What not to do in the photo booth

Whether your photo booth hire is in Lincolnshire or any other other part of the country or world, there are a few simple guidelines that makes for a better experience:

Food and Drink

Please do not bring food and drink into the booth or leave on the table where the props are left. We don’t really want our precious hats and wigs etc to be smelling of stale cider or vol au vents.


Please do not take props away from the photo booth area. At the end of a busy night we don’t really want to have to track down our equipment that has been strewn across the venue. If you’re taking a few items into the booth for a change of costume then please try not to leave them discarded all over the floor for other people to tread on. We prefer our props in one piece.


Try not to fall into the backdrop. The backdrop isn’t a fixed structure, if you lean on it will fall over and you might hurt yourself or damage the equipment.












After a few drinks guests tend to lose their inhibitions which, understandably, is all part of the attraction of the photo booth. All that we ask is that you don’t try to perform gymnastics or any other type of agility that may cause damage to our equipment.


Try not to hog the photo booth, we’re usually at the venue for 2-3 hours so that everyone has to chance to use the booth. If there is a queue, take your turn and then let someone else have some fun. You can always pop back later for another session when there are fewer guests around.


If the venue has an internet connection then the images are usually instantly uploaded to an online album or Facebook. With this in mind please do not expose yourself as it’s possible you may go viral for all the wrong reasons.

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